Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How I started quilting

Years ago, when I first got married, I wished I was one of those friends that remembered birthdays and sent cards. And then Facebook came along. It is my special place where I keep in touch with my friends from all over the country and I can be that friend that remembers birthdays.

So when my friend Cheryl Sleboda posted on Facebook and asked if anyone wanted to participate in a blog hop that shared how we started quilting, I raised my hand.

It all started when I was four. My mom loved to sew and she had a nice fabric stash. One day, she asked me if I would like to make a quilt. I nodded. She took two squares of flannel and folded them on the diagonal and had me whip stitch the edge. After I did a few, I remember asking her when we would finish the quilt. We never did. She totally doesn't remember this event, so perhaps she was simply trying to keep a four year old busy. But for me, it stuck. I always wanted to make a quilt.

Fast forward to 1991. I was pregnant with my oldest son and I wanted to make him a quilt. I found myself on bed rest at 4 months and my family did their best to bring me some fabric and supplies, but I really had no idea how to make a quilt and I didn't have a sewing machine.

Shortly after Z was born, we moved to a new apartment that was conveniently located two blocks from the library and two blocks from a fabric store that had a very modest supply of calicos or quilting cottons. It was back in the day when you had to be careful that you didn't buy quilting cotton that was actually a cotton poly blend. :P Yuck!

I read every quilting book that was in that library. Fabric was $5 or $6 per yard, so even when I was on a tight budget I could usually buy half a yard. I also watched every episode of Penny McMorris's Great American Quilt on PBS.

So I messed around a bit with the fabric and made sampler blocks, all with cardboard templates and hand sewing. Then, my dad announced he was getting married and I decided I would make him a quilt. He is an architect, so it needed to be graphic...

When I chose the pattern, I chose a "simple" one block pattern.

The hardest part was finding the gradient fabrics. I made the entire top and never quite figured out how to line up the triangles properly before sewing. Simple, my a#*! LOL

However, he still has the quilt hanging in his home and that makes me happy. Luckily it is up really high, so you can't see where the points don't meet.

So Now is the time when I am supposed to show you something recent I made. And darn it! All of the really cool stuff I made recently is totally off limits to sharing on my blog. I have two adorable doll quilts that will be in a book. Some great projects that are coming out in the next two issues of Generation Q. And seriously, everything else you have seen! LOL

So maybe I will show you a few cool things that are not my most recent...

My second quilt was one for Z. It was completely hand appliqued and hand quilted. 

Next came things like this...

And more recently, scrapbooking in fabric...

 Needle felting...

And Pikachu for E...

Now I do more of this...

So there you have it! Leave me a comment and let me know what your first project was and what you think of mine.

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  1. I love your story, thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to seeing your newest stuff when you are allowed to share!

  2. New follower via bloglovin. Love how you write.
    My first quilt was a classic star quilt for my SIL.(6" center, points and square corners = 12" block) I spent at least a year doing a massive amount of research and collecting fabrics before starting my first quilt. (I had started an applique quilt, but discovered my SIL was 6 months pregnant, so plans changed... esp. when hubby made a request that I make the baby a quilt)I dislike making mistakes, so I wanted to make sure it came out reasonably close to right the first time.

    1. Thank you so much! I read a lot first too. My brain just works that way - I have to digest something completely before I can dive in.

  3. You know darn well I love all your quilts. Maybe one day you can finish my Star of David quilt for me Sis? Since I obviously can't seem to get it done

  4. I love gradated pieces! It really is hard getting all the right fabrics and you nailed it! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Honestly, it was all thanks to the staff at my local quilt shop - they helped me find just the right fabric.


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